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Night--A photo novella by Ricardo AcevedoA decade of images cataloging the Night in all its adult twists & turns, realities & hallucinations…. from Noir to Neon.

Set for release in May 2012, this book exposes and tells a whole ‘nother side to the American Dreamscape.

By Austin based photographer and author Ricardo Acevedo, look for this photo-novella to be  coming to Amazon and other book retailers.

Old Year, New Year–so many projects!

Ceramic Face, Metal Flowers necklace 22011 has been an exciting, busy, growthful year! A lot of projects and work came to completion in 2011 and lots more are now starting up or being actively continuing from the last few years. (Some projects take a while–there’s so much to be done!)

This year saw the release of interloper | fineart nudes and photopaintings by Ricardo Acevedo. Other titles are already in the works and scheduled for release in 2012, 2013 and 2014 including Night from Ricardo Acevedo,  Making Faces, Forms & Figures from Sarajane Helm and The Art Of The Blend from Judith Skinner.

Ceramic Face, Metal Flowers necklace 1Shown here are  necklaces made with a ceramic face and hand formed metal (bronze, copper, anodized titanium). The faces were made using ceramic clay and silicone molds of polymer clay originals. How-to’s on sculpting faces, making molds, and using them in decorative, sculptural and wearable art are coming up in Making Faces, Forms & Figures.

There is also a new edition of A Collection of Polymer Clay Masks percolating along–featuring updated photos and hundreds of new masks collected since the first edition’s debut. Those projects should keep me busy all summer when I’m not in school, as well as when I can fit things in along with homework! Of course, my homework has a way of working into the books as well, like these necklaces made for Jewelry/Metal 3 at Front Range Community College. I’ll be making new faces and molds as well as taking thousands of pictures all year long, and you’ll see the results in 2013—which, in school and publishing terms, is right around the corner!


New Release ~ interloper

interloper | fineart nudes and photopaintings of Ricardo Acevedo
We are thrilled to announce that the new release from PolyMarket Press artist and author Ricardo Acevedo is now nearing its debut!

interloper | fineart nudes & photo-paintings by Ricardo Acevedo is a provocative feast for the eyes from cover to cover, with 116 pages that beautifully display more than 60 images in this luminous body of work.

Pre-orders of autographed copies are available for a limited time and will ship at the beginning of September 2011.

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