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New Releases, Coming Right Up!

Its no accident that the two newest books from PolyMarket Press feature artistry from  Austin; a veritable hotbed of creative cool in the wild and woolly state of Texas. Maybe it’s the heat down there that grow’s em that way, but I have the pleasure of knowing some incredibly talented people that reside in the Lone Star State. That includes the authors of our latest print offerings, Polymer Clay Gemstones-The Art of Deception by Kim Schlinke and Randee M. Ketzel, and Night: A Photo-Novella by Ricardo Acevedo.

Ricardo is the creative conduit that ties our stories together here to connect back to PolyMarket Press. His first book interloper: fine art nudes and photopaintings was published just two years ago this month, and since then he’s been busy as a freelance photographer and graphic designer, as well as keeping up his chops as a musician on the Austin scene and getting his new book Night ready for release. Beautiful and haunting, with equal measures of crystal clear vision and surreal explorations of color and movement, this is a deeply personal vision of a turbulent time that always finds the beauty in the moment, even when it isn’t pretty.

Ricardo met polymer clay and wearable artist Kim Schlinke at a book signing, and introduced her and co-conspirator Randee M. Ketzel to us at PolyMarket Press, as well as providing them with some gorgeous photographs, as seen on here on the covers and throughout.

Ricardo’s photos of the modern versions of ancient treasures that readers can discover in this new polymer clay how-to and story showcase them with a museum quality air of mysterious antiquity. Meanwhile, the authors weave a delightful mystery set in the west along with the steps to create 20 masterpieces of wearable art that mimic materials that are much more costly, such as metal, gemstones, animal-based treasures such as coral, fossils, claws, and ivory. It is wonderful to have a non-lethal alternative to the harvest of sea coral beds and magnificent animals like lions, tigers, bears, elephants and others.

Randee and Kim do a fantastic job of interspersing humor, history, and a heck of a lot of creative fun in this jam-packed 204 page book. Both new books are in the final edit stages, and will be available online at Amazon by October 1, 2013.


This Year’s Crop

We’re tending the garden outside and watching the season’s bounty progressing on the computer screen as well. Our literary garden is growing even faster than the lettuce beds. Summer time is an amazingly productive time, as long as we can manage to get a lot done before and after those sultry afternoons.

Almost ready to harvest is NIGHT, a turn-of-the-century  photo-novela by Ricardo Acevedo. It is under final edits and will be available for preorder July 1.

Also in full leaf is Reconstructing the Past: A Collective Memoir 2013, which celebrates the stories of twelve honored female elders who live in a residential care facility for those with memory impairments. These remarkable women were interviewed by teams of students from Front Range Community College who were students taking part in a collective service project. Involving students of Women’s History, Women’s Sexuality, and Metal Jewelry Arts, this cooperative endeavor showcases their lives while their stories are still recalled through the question-answer process of conversational storytelling and commemorative jewelry.

Coming along are my own books Think Inside The Box, Making Faces, Molds & Forms, and Deluxe Heirloom Paper Doll Collections. Those will include tutorials on making doll furnishings and accessories in several styles and scales. The second one is all about sculpting dolls  including making and using faces, hands and feet in jewelry applications, creating  and using molds, and more! Deluxe Heirloom Paper Dolls tells all about using Adobe Photoshop or other digital editing programs to color and print the four included dolls and their wardrobes, or print them out in the black and white files to add color the old fashioned way with pencils, pens or paints. Or, print out the full color versions as they are in th book, and add your own 3D details.

Those three books will be coming out much later this year, or possibly in the early parts of 2014, because I’m also working on two gorgeous polymer clay how-to books. Shibori: from Textiles to Polymer Clay, by Debbie Jacks0n, takes ancient textile dyeing techniques and brings the looks to polymer. The colors are amazing!

From Randee M. Ketzel and Kim Schlinke, you’ll soon be seeing Polymer Clay Gemstones: The Art of Deception. They spin a clever mystery that includes 18 delightful projects recreating the look of gemstones in polymer clay to make beautiful jewelry. Bringing us full circle in this collaborative garden, Ricardo Acevedo does some of their photography. All in all, we have a bumper crop of beautiful, creative, thought provoking and enjoyable books growing and soon to be available, later this year.

New Books Coming in 2013

ShiboriThere’s lots of work going on right now behind the scenes at PolyMarket Press.

There are several new books underway, including  polymer clay books by authors Debbie Jackson, Randee Ketzel and Kim Schlinke, a photo-novella of the turbulent 1990’s by Ricardo Acevedo, and new books on paper dolls, and making dolls and miniatures by me.

Fasten your seatbelts; its going to be a busy year as we accelerate into the work required to get these beautiful books into print.

NEW in 2020

Digital versions of our books coming right up!

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