Austin TX based photographer Ricardo Acevedo brings a sultry heat and keen eye for color, light and shadow to his work.

With humor, passion, and a decidedly film noir slant, he focuses his lens on fabulous forms, then layers and manipulates the results to create his intricate and evocative images. Embrace the joys and mysteries of Ricardo Acevedo’s work with the 57 images presented here; a few in deep black and white, and most in full rich color.

Neil Coleman of Pro-Jex Gallery says this about Acevedo’s work: “Ricardo has been pushing his own envelope for years.  His work consists of balancing photography, illustration and painting as one.  Composing images using models juxtaposed with tattoo-like colors, Ricardo likes to bring a little twist, a little bawdiness and “gotcha” to his photography. What I find interesting is how Ricardo manages to re-invent himself through his quest for newer and bolder images.  Much of his success has been his ability to bring his concepts in to fruition.  His background in graphic design coupled with his own color sense guides him to his results. With his passion for expressing himself through his photography Ricardo will continue to push his own envelope and continue to keep his audience wanting more.”

and from Wayne Alan Brenner (Lead art’s writer Austin Chronicle, Austin TX) “Some people see life more vividly than others do.   Some of those people, especially these days, use cameras to capture that vivid spectacle. Because, hell, if someone has a phone, they pretty much have a camera, too: Especially these days. But what’s exceedingly rare, still and forever, are people who can transfer the stunning whole of their visual experience into an expression that can be shared by others. What’s never usual is someone who can capture the relentless kinetic miracle of life in all its aspects ~ the urban and jagged, the natural and unfabricated, the darling and delightful and debauched and destroyed ~ and bring those images to eyes formerly innocent of the glory and glamor, the triumphs and trash, that shine everywhere in this complex life.   Ricardo Acevedo is one such artist, a photographer whose untouched portraits often outdo what others attempt in Photoshop and whose manipulated works can express a thinking kaleidoscope’s dream of sanity. Illustration, abstraction, machination. Narrative sequences like noir gone neon. There seems nothing beyond the skill of this man and his lens, which is why his works are worth watching: To see life in all its incarnations as vividly as possible.”

This full color, perfect bound, 116 page, 8.5″ x 11″  paperback book has a glossy cover and matte white pages of high quality paper. It features the photo-images and writings of Ricardo Acevedo.  The retail price of this beautiful  collection of images is $28 US.