Artists in all media who yearn to earn using their creative abilities and wanting to become successful entrepreneurs will benefit from reading  The Business Of Professional Art by Sarajane Helm. The entire 30 column series first appeared in Belle Armoire magazine (Stampington & Co.) between 2003-2008. Each chapter is packed with information and tips on how to present your art to the buying public.  These are issues that concern all creative professionals starting with what you call the business, licenses and taxes, advertising, promotion and display, other ways to use your existing talents and work to generate more revenue. Do you want to do shows? Teach classes? Sell kits? License your images and designs? You’ll find information here. You’ll also read about websites, blogs, and other means of using the internet to promote your business.5″ x 7″, perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight) black and white interior ink white exterior paper (100# weight) full-color exterior ink 102 pages   $12.00

Here’s a review from one reader:

Say you’ve just learned to make some hobby item. All of your family and friends love your finished items and a few have suggested that you sell some of your pieces. You think about it and the idea of adding a little income to the family pot sounds very attractive. But you want to do this the right way, not just simply putting an ad online and waiting for the dollars to roll in.

Or maybe you did put an ad online and the dollars didn’t roll in and you aren’t quite sure why. Fortunately, Sarajane Helm has put her extensive experience in selling her beautiful polymer clay creations to work. All of the information you need to keep from spinning your wheels is right here in this slim volume, which you can read in an evening.

Sarajane’s writing style is crisp and to-the-point, and wastes no time by adding loads of superfluous information. As for me, I decided that it was all too much for me to do the right way, so I am still making jewelry and giving it away. When family and friends suggest I sell my pieces, I just smile and tell them that if I can’t run a small business the right way, I’d rather not “go professional”. Thank you, Sarajane!
      ~K. Varasso (Boston, MA USA)

Table Of Contents:

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Name It; It’s Yours!
  • The Art Of Presentation
  • Making Connections
  • Creating Content
  • In the Eye Of The Beholder
  • Show Time!
  • Priced To Sell
  • The Point Of Sale
  • Hosting A Show
  • Create Effective Publicity
  • Giving It Away
  • Keeping Track
  • Blazing Your Trail
  • When The Answer Is “No”
  • Psst, Pass It On!
  • Organizing A Class
  • Creating A Kit
  • Writing Clear Instructions
  • Selling Your Instructions
  • Blogs—Building The Next Wave
  • Books, Booklets and Brochures
  • Starring—YOU!
  • Back To The Drawing Board
  • Renewed And Refreshed
  • Going UP!
  • In The Zone
  • When The Muse Is Missing
  • Faith And Flexibility
  • An Ethical Business