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PolyMarket Press is honored and excited to announce the  release of “Not Your Grandfather’s Medals” by James MaloneBeach. Using his artistry to commemorate that which he finds needing of notice in our modern society, James brings his visions to bear on politics, change, life choices and more. 132 pages feature his medallic works over the past decades, each with a narrative commentary and a closer look at things oft passed over. Not always comfortable, these medals give credit where credit is due.

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These Are Not Your Grandfather’s Medals

Coming In November 2018!

PolyMarket Press is excited to announce our upcoming publishing project. It is a brand new 100 page full color book by James MaloneBeach showcasing his medalic artwork.

James creates medals of honor for personal and public feats. Military decorations and reliquaries inspire his work. His medals frequently include fabricated metal frames, found objects, personal artifacts and relics, animal body parts, ribbons, and photos. They have honored the heroism of ordinary lives as well as satirized politicians and political situations, and the foibles of daily life.

His medals have been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally and are owned by The Swedish Cabinet Of Coins and Medals, The National Museum of the Netherlands, and The British Museum. He is a frequent exhibitor at the Art MedalWorld Congress (FIDEM), and the International Biennial of Contemporary Medal of Seixal, Portugal. He recently received the Gilroy Roberts Fellowships from the American Numismatic Society.


Creative Connections

Polymarket Press is now a part of the non-profit organization Creative Connections currently trademarked and based in Colorado. We will be growing and expanding operations to include media and business projects with artists in Ohio and New Mexico.

We have expanded our recording and editing  abilities to include music and vocal work as well as video. Exciting times!

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NEW in 2020

Digital versions of our books coming right up!

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