mystery mask--who made it?

I’ve divided up all 472 photographs of miniature polymer clay masks into  rough categories to make it easier to organize them onto the pages  of the upcoming book. I applied them as keywords to the photos in Adobe Bridge, and now I can quickly sort them. That way I can see how they fit together in groups; some masks can fit into several groups, so I need to find where they fit BEST! I looked at each photo and decided very quickly which key word fit it best. If it wasn’t immediately obvious then I decided if it fit best into “alien” or “human”, and that’s where it went.

Here’s what I used:

  • alien
  • animal
  • black and white
  • butterfly
  • cat
  • colorful
  • cultural
  • domino
  • human
  • mineral
  • rainbow
  • red
  • sun/moon
  • techno
  • vegetable/plant
  • water

The mystery here isn’t where this one fits–that is obviously techno–but rather, who made it? It may be signed on the back, but it’s now mounted and framed, and I don’t want to take it off. I think it is from the 1998 swap, but I don’t have my files from that year for cross checking. Does anyone out there know who made this one? send me a comment please if you do!