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PolyMarket Press logoPolyMarket Press is an independent collective of artists and authors, bringing high quality books, cards, calendars and collectibles to publication. We believe that artistic and financial control of their creations is something every artist, writer and musician retains unless they contractually agree differently (and you don’t  have to do that!!) Of course, with such great power comes great responsibility, and that is why each creative person must remain flexible and able to respond to changes in their medium and in their ability to market their work. In today’s world of personal computers, access to amazing software programs, and internet marketing, a whole new world is opening up to creative people around the world!

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  • Jeanne Dumond

    I am an office assistant at a Roman Catholic church in Columbus, OH. Our music minister is looking at revamping an old (25+ yrs) additional music hymnal that we have used in our church. It is used in addition to a hard bound hymnal and has the songs that we love that are not included in the primary hymnal. He does all the work getting licensing and putting things together for publishing. We did the last one here, and put the “books” into a vinyl folder that has held up well, but it nor anything like it is available for purchase anymore. I was asked by the music minister to find out the cost to us of publishing, printing and binding a hymnal ourselves through an online company. As I am a polymer clay artist and president of the Columbus Ohio Polymer Clay Guild, I immediately thought to contact you and see what info you might have for us. Obviously how many songs, how large etc are part of the deal. The size we would probably be looking at would be a finished book about 5 x 7 inches or 6 x 8 inches and contain about 325 songs. Some of the songs I should mention are his compositions that our parish loves in addition to some from independent publishers or small publishers that are not usually included in a hymnal. Is your company up to something like this and if not do you have any suggestions on where else to look? I appreciate any information you can forward my way. I am writing from my home computer and am using my home address because I only work 12 hours a week and am on my home computer more than my work computer. Thanks so much! Jeanne Dumond

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