Making FacesAs always, there’s so much going on here with projects that are in the works already and in the planning stages as well. Part of being a long term thinker is knowing that some things take a long time to come about, and that can be  a good thing if you remember to be patient and persistent.

Time is involved in making art of any kind–time getting the bits and pieces collected, the tools and skills readied, time spent thinking and planning, time when the work itself done.

We’re celebrating the completion of the book  A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks, and stepping up the time allotted to working on the next books. That includes a novel and the how-to book Making Faces, Molds, and Forms.

I’ll also be an instructor at the 4th Annual Cabin Fever Clay Fest in Laurel, MD this February 18-23, with a class in sculpting original faces & making silicon molds. Then we’ll not only go over a wide array of decorative ways to use the mold, I will demonstrate how to use hydro-shrink to create versions of the originals reduced in scale without loss of detail!

Cabin Fever Clay Fest

PRE-Conference Instructors include Lorrene Davis, Jeff Dever, Julie Eakes, Doreen Gay-Kassell, Lindly Haunani, Kathryn Ottman, Nan Roche, Judith Skinner

CFCF 2011 Instructors (4 hour workshops)
Grant Diffendaffer, Patti Euler, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Christi Friesen, Sarajane Helm, Ellen Marshall, Ronna Sarvas Weltman, Sarah Shriver, Cindy Silas, Laura Tabakman

Click here for the Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form

I’m also teaching a series of four polymer clay classes at the Front Range Community College at the Boulder County Campus. It is part of their Continuing Education classes, and you can read all about it and register here.