Think Inside the Box

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Ever notice how kids like to play with the box a gift came in almost as much as the gift–or more? Creative minds know there is all sorts of potential fun to be found inside a good cardboard box!

This book focuses on making furnishings for dolls using simple tools, inexpensive and easily found supplies including recycled boxes, packaging and newspaper.

Presented in a way that allows you to make them simply or with greater levels of detail, these projects can be enjoyed by all age and skill levels, though supervision is required for children using craft knives, scissors, and glue.

Papier mache has been used for centuries to make very sturdy, lightweight, beautiful products with inexpensive materials. It can be done many ways that are discussed in the book, and it IS possible to do it without making a big mess if you are careful. Best success comes with careful placement of the strips, and patience to allow things to dry between steps–then a bit of sanding before going on to the decorative fun.

There are a variety of projects for miniatures in different styles, finishes and scales including 1″/1′, 1″,2′, 1″/3′ and 1″/4′. That includes traditional dollhouse scale for 5 and 6 inch dolls, fashion doll scale for 11.5 inch dolls, 15 inch and 18 inch dolls. Making the projects for any size doll just means starting with the right sized box. A scale conversion chart is included for those that don’t enjoy doing the math themselves.

Learn how to make furnishings with cardboard, paper, glue and paint, and add finishing details that create just the look you want for your doll.  Featuring distressed and antiqued finishes, crackles and stains, faux carvings and moldings, hand painted or decoupaged art, your furnishings will be beautiful and unique—and a LOT less costly than the ones you can find to buy.

Put a room together, or just a piece or two. Accessories include just the right details for making a room look lived-in, like rugs, books, candles, flowers in vases, clocks, coat hangers and hooks, hat boxes, pictures, framed pictures and mirrors, vanity items, tea sets, even a wall and window or two!

Projects include:

  • Trunks
  • Armoires & Wardrobes
  • Beds & Bedding
  • Dressers & Vanities
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Accessories