PolyMarket Press is an independent collective of artists and authors, bringing high quality books, cards, calendars and collectibles to publication. We believe that artistic and financial control of their creations is something every artist, writer and musician retains unless they contractually agree differently (and you don’t have to do that!!)

Of course, with such great power comes great responsibility, and that is why each creative person must remain flexible and able to respond to changes in their medium and in their ability to market their work. In today’s world of personal computers, access to amazing software programs, and internet marketing, a whole new world is opening up to creative people around the world!

Copyright law is an ever-changing field, with contracts and royalties being something about which all artists, authors, and musicians must stay informed. While it is nice to have the support of a team of designers and editors at larger publishing companies, is it worth giving them almost all of the money and all of the power to make editorial choices about your work?

Through our efforts with Ingram Spark and other POD companies we are able to off very high quality digitally printed materials that include books, digital (pdf) downloads of how-to articles and collectible art. This Print On Demand arrangement allows us to bring you high quality items that are available through booksellers like Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and more.

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