Spring Flowers In SnowIts my favorite time of year in a beautiful place–Colorado in the springtime is an exciting world! Last week we had temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s range and set records, and the snow that fell earlier this week has now melted and provided enough to get all the new growth going on trees, yards and seedlings being prepped for the garden beds. It is a time of soft and vibrant colors all together, with the hundred shades of green and purple buds breaking into blossom on the trees, flowers pushing their way back up. More daylight and warmer weather brings out the growth spurts in nature and in projects too! Its the time of year I am inspired to work on new projects and start new ones–some projects take a while to come to fruition, and the little spring shoots are not for harvesting so much as they are for marveling  upon.

In the upcoming months, some of the projects that are taking root and growing now are a  series of classes that are offered through the Front Range Community College Continuing Education Department. These focus on the contents of current and upcoming PolyMarket Press books, and feature classes in Polymer Clay, The Business Of Professional Arts, and Spirit Dolls. Click the link for class listings and schedules of the summer season classes offered at FRCC’s Boulder County Campus.

Also in the works are cards, with images like the digital photo that has been edited with Adobe Photoshop, seen here, and cards by several other artists including the artwork of Amy Foltz. PolyMarket Press is also speaking with several artists who work in polymer clay and other media about producing or carrying their line of cards and calendars.  Look for those to be ripening later in the Fall.

I am also very excited to announce that PolyMarket Press is now working to publish books by a growing coterie of artists. The first is titled “Interloper”; a collection of fine art nudes that evolve into layered social commentary by Ricardo Acevedo. This Austin TX based photographer has a fantastic eye for form and color, and I love his work. I’m eager to get it into print this year especially as work on my own next book, “Faces Molds & Forms” is still in the active production stage. This involves a summer full of  lots of writing up the projects as they are prepared and photos being taken, then a month or two of editing and layout. That will round out the year and probably a bit more!