A Collection Of Polymer Clay MasksProgress is coming along well on the next book to be released from PolyMarket Press! After months of taking photographs and hours of editing them every day, I’m now down to laying out the pages for  A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks.

Sculptor (and author of several of her own wonderful books) Katherine Dewey created the mask seen gracing the front cover. My own Time Mask and Melanie West’s set of ten miniature masks are on the back cover. In between the covers you’ll find lots more masks! There are pictures of more than 500 masks and though some won’t make the final cut due to page limitations, most  of them will.

They range from miniatures as small as a coin to full sized wearable masks and wall hangings. Most fit within a 3 inch square! 150 different polymer clay artists are represented in the work seen here. Many of the masks were collected through the Internet miniature mask swaps that have been held from 1997.

A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks

Although there are some common themes, no two are exactly alike, with an amazing variety of design styles and decorative techniques.

An “inside joke” for me is that I used masks in Adobe Photoshop to clean up the images of the polymer clay masks.  There seem to be no end of masks around here!

Due for release October 31, check back at the website for further information as we near printing.