Aunt AcidIn any artistic endeavor, there are times that you have lots of choices, and times that the project pretty much propels itself in directions that you might not have thought about previously. When things go well, it is a mixture of both the planned and the serendipitous discoveries. The parts that work well are accumulated, and those that don’t get  reworked  and changed out.

That’s true when laying out books, when building websites–many issues to think about with placement, layout, color schemes and more. sites have a number of theme templates that users can choose from to build free websites that are hosted for them, or you can host your own site with more options with There are lots of themes to choose from there too. Themes supply CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) templates that make a blog or website look the way it does. Lots of designers have supplied some ver spiffy layouts and setups, with fonts and things chosen for you. Then you can modify some of them with your own banners, or change colors, but most are limited as to what you can change. One of my favorites is the Atahualpa theme. I like it best of many that I have tried because I get to choose everything–backgrounds, sizes of columns and how many, colors and borders–everything! Aunt Acid, our Spokes Model, approves heartily of individuals having all the choices and all the responsibilities, which is the motto here at PolyMarket Press too!

I’ve used the Atahualpa theme here at the PolyMarket Press, at Aunt Acid’s own website, for artist Gaynor Cooke Nelson, and at The Creative Living Center.

Some other sites that I’ve built use different themes, like The Office Wiz who uses the Coraline theme, Mad Margie’s Fused Glass that uses the MistyLook theme, and LandS Glory Artisan Jewelry with the Tarski theme.  If you find a theme that goes well with what you want already built, that is great–but if not–Atahualpa is the theme I choose, so as to have all the choices–decide on how every aspect is displayed!