Autumn Leaf mask by Rebecca Wells StoutTime is passing quickly–I’m gearing up for the Houston International Quilt Festival that is coming right up at the beginning of November. In addition to books, I’ll be there with Judith Skinner and Houston’s own polymer clay artisan mask-maker Rebecca Stout. She’s got quite a few masks featured in the upcoming book A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks, and here’s one of them!

Now that we are past the Autumnal Equinox, we’re starting to feel a nip in the air at the night and the leaves are beginning to show a little color–though not yet as much as you see here! Rebecca’s mask at right is big enough to wear to any Fall Festivals, and the one shown below by Judy Jaussaud can be worn as jewelry–it’s less than three inches large!

miniature polymer clay mask by Judy Jaussaud