a miniature polymer clay mask by Dorothy GreynoldsAs I mentioned in yesterdays’s blog post, I’ve divvied up the mask photos into categories in order to help organize them on the pages of the upcoming A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks.

Today I worked on the “Colorful” section, and this is a wonderful representative by artist Dorothy Greynolds. She’s one of 150 whose work will be presented, and I love her sense of color, detail, and humor. This one she calles “Spike”.

There’s lots left to do, but its all coming together well, with more pages finished and edited every day. Now that everything is organized for placement it’s like playing “my own art gallery” every day, arranging the art into the best possible groupings for each two page spread. Its a lot of fun! With images like these to work with, you can see why.

As much as I enjoy working in direct application media like clay, polymer, metal, textiles, and drawing, I also find great pleasure in working with computer programs and digital photos, putting together graphics, webpages, and books. My favorite polymer clay projects are collaborative in their nature, like “Pieces”, the miniature quilt fabric store for the book Adapting Quilt Patterns To Polymer Clay. I look forward to collaborating with other artists in the future to create beautiful books with their art, as well as books that feature my own art.

Check back soon to see how things are coming along on this book and more.!